Fernando Antunez300715-22

Cesfac members have decided to place their trust in me as chairman of the Confederation to face a new stage together. In this period, just as it’s been throughout my career, I will keep encouraging rigor, professionalism and daily effort to improve the situation of the animal feed industry in Spain, as far as possible.

I would like to highlight the great work of my predecessors and some of the professionals of the managing board who have contributed and help Cesfac become what it is today; such as the vice presidents José Manuel García, Pedro Cordero, José Luis Rey and Emilio León, as well as Eva Casado, treasurer of the Confederation. I hope to live up to your expectations and be appreciated for my efforts as well as by my results.

I also like to publicly acknowledge Rafael Sánchez Olea, who supported my dedication to the sector from this new post.

I am grateful for the support of the managing board, the directors and the entire Cesfac team on achieving mid and long term goals. It’s up to us to turn them into reality. Thank you.

 Fernando Antúnez García
President of Cesfac