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The first edition of our corporate magazine was released in May 2008. “Cesfac World, the animal nutrition magazine” has been published quarterly since then and provides a valuable source of information, not only for our associates but also for businesses related to this sector. It contains interviews and exclusive articles, sector-specific analysis and all current information centred around animal nutrition. Here you can download and read the issues. Furthermore, we have included another publication for our readers´ interest, the magazine “Veterinarians. Given the relationship between the two sectors, the exchange of information is highly valuable and useful.

Similarly, we would like to offer you another resource, which is continually updated, useful websites to get to know and to be up-to-date with the latest happenings in our sector. It includes links to agricultural and farming organisations, quality control and food safety bodies, as well as official national and European institutions with responsibility for animal feed. There are also links to technological and trade platforms.

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