CESFAC Foundation


The Cesfac Foundation has been set up as a leading information forum, a permanent discussion group which deals with all the realities and matters to do with animal feed. Created in June 2000, it was set up as an effective management tool and to develop initiatives that could benefit the sector and further its position in society.

Among other things, this private non-profit organisation publishes research results about technological advances in the manufacturing of foodstuffs for animal nutrition and advises public authorities. It has also been actively involved in the setting up of the already recognised Animal Foodstuff Quality Control Framework, promoting food safety initiatives and working on supplier traceability with the government.

Through its increasingly regular press activities, the foundation increases awareness of the animal feed sector to all parts of the food chain industry. There is also engagement in the debate about the use of biotechnology in the food chain by participating in forums and with the media who share this interest. Cedfa, its members and third parties are also advised on the management of this issue.

Finally, the important publishing service should be mentioned. This service collects, edits and classifies the most up-to-date information regarding annual statistics, biotechnology, balances and budgets, packaging rules and laws. This is a valuable and unique source of trade information. Thanks to the growing links and cooperation with Spanish businesses, institutions and manufacturers, in this sector and other related sectors, the Cesfac foundation is stronger every day. Here, we encourage those of you involved in the animal feed sector to contribute to the foundation.

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