Certified Animal Feed


The sector has undergone many changes in the last few years, which has resulted in a greater awareness of food safety in the consumer and greater concern by farmers. This has in turn, resulted in an increase in the demand for information by all agents of the food production chain. For all these reasons, it has been deemed necessary by Cesfac to create various quality controls which allow consumer confidence to be regained.

This is how the idea of creating a system of differentiated quality assurance in the manufacture of feed and premixes was created. This is subjected to external ENAC certified bodies: in 2001 this led to the Cesfac certified Quality control framework that, after having been incorporated into the Agri-food Cooperatives Spain association, became the Animal Foodstuffs Certificate.

We are part of a network that accepts the challenges of and promises to supply safe feed for animals, which benefits both the consumer and the environment. We have worked together to establish this brand that guarantees traceability, the origin of the raw materials and safely in the entire manufacturing process.

Certification authorities:

OCA Certification Institute, S.L.U.
Les Garrigues Avenue, 46
Mas Blau II Business Park
08820 EL PRAT DE LLOBREGAT (Barcelona)
Tel. 93/217 27 03 – Fax. 93/218 51 95
Contact: Mr. Juan Ferrer
Recognition date: 21/03/03

Infanta Mercedes, 13 4º Pl. 28020 MADRID
Tel. 91/571 11 05 – Fax. 91/571 11 67
Contact: Ms. Cristina Ortiz
Recognition date: 5/06/02

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